Past Showcase Speakers

2022 Showcase Speakers
Dan Meers
Kristen Brown
Jon Kedrowski
Janine Stange
David Atkins
Joe Fingerhut
2022 Showcase Speakers
Michelle Perdue
Maggi Thorne
Darcy Luoma
Richard Hight
Dr. Richard Deming
Devin Henderson
2021 Showcase Speakers
Jones Loflin
Dima Ghawi
Dustin James
Jonathan May
Desi Payne
Erik Dominguez
2021 Showcase Speakers
Steve Bench 
Lauren Sisler
Paul Long 
Elizabeth McCormick
Lauren Schieffer
Alex Weber

“I would highly recommend this showcase to anyone that is responsible for contracting speakers.”

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August 24, 2023 | Des Moines Iowa

Midwest Speakers Bureau connects voices of experience with meeting planners through our annual speakers showcase. You will find experts, entertainers, and speakers that will inspire, lift, and educate. As a meeting planner, you will have that feeling of confidence that you are hiring the right speakers for your conference!

Your next event is more than a business meeting.  It's an event, a human experience that brings people together to connect in ways they might only get to do once a year.  You want it to be valuable and memorable, you want people to appreciate the importance of real connection - and that's where Midwest Speakers Bureau comes in.  We've spent the last 22 years helping to create meaningful, powerful experiences for our clients. We pride ourselves on being small enough to know each of our clients personally and big enough to handle some of the largest events in the country.  We'll help you find the perfect speakers to bring humor, insight, and unique perspective to your next experience, and we'll make it so easy you might even have some energy left over once all the planning is done.  Thanks for taking the time to learn about us, and we're excited to get to know you!

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