An inspiring and engaging speaker—one who can energize, educate, and entertain. Tim’s keynote is perfect as the ultimate kick-off tone setter, reenergizing mid-conference boost, or crescendo ending

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You’ll never look at lemons the same way again!

How much time/money do you think your business loses to interoffice turmoil, lack of cohesion, or unwillingness to find creative solutions?

As a lifelong corporate magician and Las Vegas Headliner Tim has developed an uncanny ability to recognize and exploit how people think. That’s how he creates his impressively deceptive illusions.

Now using that exact same skill, he helps people see through the illusionary “lemons” we inflict on ourselves every day.

The experience of laughter and amazement is the cornerstone of his Lemons to Laughs/Squeeze the Day System because he’s embedded the message within the magic.

A few Attendee Takeaways:

  • They can apply this before they even leave the room
  • They can maximize effective time usage by minimizing negative interactions
  • Their enhanced mindset will allow them to be more creative problem solvers

Like every other group, Tim has worked with,  he is excited to be an integral partner with your team to ensure we hit a home run.

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If you really want to influence people, you need to get them engaged.

Tim’s keynote is a perfect blend of jaw-dropping magic, face-hurting laughter, and mind-blowing insight! This presentation is specifically designed to grab attendees by the face and not let them go till the end.

Tim’s keynote is great on its own, but it also integrates well as the ultimate

  • Kick-Off Tone-Setter
  • Reenergizing Mid-Conference Boost
  • High-Note Crescendo Ending

Not only does it have a great message, but the energy and enthusiasm created have a carryover effect, helping make messaging from the overall event extra sticky


GABE Breakout/workshop


Picking up right where Lemons to Laughs left off, the Gratitude-Attitude-Behavior- Environment (GABE) training is a way to harness the excitement created in the keynote and customize it for the individual groups who want to put it into practice.

By identifying things for which we are Grateful, we create leverage to change our Attitude, thus affecting our Behavior, which then creates a better Environment for ourselves and those around us.

GABE is an action-oriented hands-on approach to redefining experiences, essentially rewriting internal scripts, and creating a mindset-reset. Once it’s a habit, it often prevents negative mindsets from forming in the first place.

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The Magic of Comedy

Tim Gabrielson is not your average entertainer – a magician since the tender age of 12, Tim has developed a quick wit that’s only rivaled by his impeccable sense of (clean) humor. 

Tag along as Tim takes the audience through a comedic journey that’s peppered with life lessons spanning over 3 decades. A fresh take on entertainment with a purpose, Tim leverages the humor of a stand-up comedian with a hand as sleight as Houdini himself; but it’s the power of positivity he infuses in each and every performance that keeps clients coming back for more. 

Discover how Tim Gabrielson’s entertaining program can elevate your next event with the Magic of Comedy.