A Personal Note from Angela Cox-Weston, President, Midwest Speakers Bureau

Everyone has a story. We all deal with something challenging either at work or in our personal lives. It’s when we share these stories with others that we connect and grow.

I’m fortunate—I work with many people who are great at telling their story. By connecting the right speaker with the right story for the right audience, I feel we help make a difference in the world. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing the speaker on stage, watching an audience react, and knowing that you helped create that experience, one that influences them personally or professionally.

For me, it’s so much more than filling a time slot. Finding the right fit is what gives purpose to my work and meaning to my day. It’s why I love what I do.


P.S. And now, for the third-person bio and background information you were most likely expecting!

Angela Cox, President

Angela founded Midwest Speakers Bureau in 1998. She enjoys learning about your needs so she can provide creative options and help you find a speaker. When possible, Angela attends speakers’ presentation so she can feel the audience’s response. It’s that response that helps her connect clients with the perfect speaker. Angela practices her listening skills at home with her two sons, Grant and Derek, who have given Angela many good stories of her own to share.

Amy Hutchens, Chief Officer of Everything

Amy has been with Midwest Speakers Bureau since 2007. She takes care of details, such as contracts, speaker logistics, accounting, and Gino the office cat—but don’t tell Gino that (you know how cats are). And if you can think of something else that needs to be done, Amy will take care of that, too.