It’s a good bet that you’ll hit the jackpot at our 2021 Speaker’s Showcase. You’ll see and hear from speakers who will inspire, inform, and empower in 12-minute sound bites. You’ll learn how they interact and connect with a LIVE audience.

So which speakers will get your attention? Will it be someone sharing an uplifting message through comedy? Or will it be someone whose story of innovation and leadership seems like the perfect deal?

Maybe you’ll take a gamble on someone with that special something you can’t name. It’s just a feeling you have…..And you know it’s time to go all-in.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321


  • 8:00 registration
  • 8:30 showcase
  • 12:30 lunch with speakers

Cost: $50

Showcase Speakers

More coming soon!

Jones Loflin

Helping individuals and organizations make the best choices with their time so they can thrive!

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Nick Scott

WCBB Chairman, Former #1 IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder, Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer, 2X World Powerlifting Champion, Award-Winning Actor, Published Author, Professional Model

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Erik Dominguez

With 25 years of experience as a speaking and storytelling strategist, your teams will be energized and inspired to speak up their story with confidence, power, and joy!

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Dima Ghawi

Transformational Catalyst for Leadership Development and Empowerment

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Steve Bench

Energize your event and get people talking with a hilarious and thoughtful generational differences session presented by a leading voice of the Millennial generation!

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Paul Long

Empower your team with tactical behaviors that will improve their quality of life both at work and home. A FUN, engaging, and substantive attendee experience is within your grasp!

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Dustin James

A real show stopper with extreme energy and passion in every story

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Lauren Sisler

Emmy Award-Winning ESPN & SEC Sportscaster, Addiction Prevention Advocate

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Mike Evans

Master Virtual Certified Facilitator / Live Event: Disruption, Change, Culture, Accountability, Peak Performance, Leadership, Brand – Custom, Relevant, Pragmatic Solutions – Top Rated Speaker 23 years

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Desi Payne

The Attitude Adjuster brings high energy and laughter to your event. She teaches CPR for lifeless attitudes, strategies to refuel when stress wears you down, leadership skills, and more!

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Elizabeth McCormick

ENERGIZE your audience to take ACTION. Elizabeth brings unique aviation experiences and a perspective that shifts awareness and behavior immediately. Feel like YOU CAN achieve YOUR greatest potential!

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Alex Weber

International Speaker, American Ninja Warrior, and Award-Winning Performer for NBC. Alex’s contagious energy and strategic methods transform audiences to achieve at their highest levels!

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Jonathan May

A Comedy Magic Show for Adults!

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Lauren Schieffer

Leadership Development | Developing significant leaders who make a positive impact on their business and community | Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant | Nine Essentials of Significant Leadership

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