Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a term to describe how an intelligent and intentional analysis of our thoughts and feelings can help us better manage ourselves and our relationships with others. In business, this means helping people know not only what to do, but also how to do it best. Successful leaders, teams, and companies appreciate the importance of engaging with their employees and customers on an emotional level. (Case in point: do people really need to spend twice as much for a Starbucks latte or Apple iPhone? No, but they do it anyway.) Building emotional intelligence through analysis, training, and example is critical in order to create the kind of relationships that lead to better business. Midwest Speakers’ emotional intelligence speakers will show you how to maximize this skill. Our experts can show you how the ‘small decisions’ you make can inadvertently help (or hurt) your culture as well as your bottom line. Contact us today to accelerate your business growth!