Does this sound like your to-do list?

  1. Find speaker. Must be warm, funny, uplifting. And a juggler. With name recognition. And under budget.
  2. Research speakers, check references, study topics.
  3. Present choices to committee in 1 hour.
  4. Google “motivational speaker.” 6,370,000 results. Yikes.
  5. Panic.

Let us take care of it.

Helping you find the perfect speaker is why we started Midwest Speakers Bureau more than 17 years ago. Clients told us to start a speakers bureau. So we did. We’re a two-person office. That means we don’t rely on memos or meetings or mind-reading to get things done; we eavesdrop. And we’re good at it. To make your work easier, we work harder. We want to make you happy—really happy—so you choose us each time you plan an event. Here’s how it works:

  1. You share details. It helps us learn about your program and audience needs.
  2. We find options using a network of local, regional, and national speakers.
  3. Together, we find the perfect fit.
  4. You stay within budget because we work to control speaker expenses.

Then, we check details.

Think of us as your insurance policy—your second set of eyes. Before agreements are finalized and flights booked, we proof details on both ends. We double check dates and times to make sure we’re all on the same page. Our work isn’t done until after your event is over. Not sure what you want? We provide creative, hands-on consulting.

We’d love to visit with you. Remember, no request is too small or too large. We can book any speaker to make your event fun and memorable. Call us today at 877-974-MWSB (6972). It’s time to find that uplifting celebrity speaker/ juggler.