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I inspire organizations to adopt the "HOW CAN I?" mindset in identifying their goals and creating a blueprint for action!

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Joe Fingerhut is an author and speaker at conferences, organizations and schools on mindset, leadership and success.  In the eight years after graduating college, Joe went to 30 countries on six continents, including a backpacking adventure in Europe and a three-year stint as an English teacher in Japan. Then Joe moved home and began entertaining for a living. His skills as a magician, juggler, and DJ fostered a love and expertise of being on stage, and brought awards as well, with Complete Music naming Joe the 2011 National DJ of the Year. These experiences paved the way for a successful career as a speaker, and allowed Joe to inspire audiences in America, Japan, and Malaysia—so far!

As virtual presentations took over the education and corporate landscape in 2020, Joe took all the tools developed on stage in over two decades of presenting and put them to use to help others be inspired, effective, and proficient in their own presentations. As we transition back to in-person events, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge for creating impact on a screen or from a stage.

He communicates a positive message of turning “I can’t” into “How can I?” while sharing stories from his life and travels. Audiences help create lasting lessons as they participate in memorable moments of magic, juggling, dancing, and more.

He regularly rocks audiences at leadership events in America and overseas, sharing lessons from his adventures in travel, language, and various stage skills.  


“We tried that. It won’t work. There’s no way to do that right now.”

These and other excuses plague individuals, companies, and organizations. In the end, most excuses come down to the two-word silent saboteur: I CAN’T! Two words that cripple success and guarantee failure.  

Imagine instead people and teams approaching challenges head-on as opportunities.

From ‘Average Joe’ to world-traveler and award-winning entertainer, the energizing International speaker Joe Fingerhut brings the audience on an exciting and engaging journey landing on three simple words that unlock potential and possibility in people and organizations alike – HOW CAN I?

This program ignites energy and potential – starting at your event, and carrying over to everyday life and work experience. These tools to help overcome adversity and apathy lead to more productive, positive people and teams that get results and support each other.  

Stop the two-word silent saboteur I CAN’T and unlock potential and possibility for your people, your organization and your event with HOW CAN I?


In the constantly evolving dynamics of today’s employment environments, the next steps are rarely crystal clear.  Leadership in a team dynamic demands different styles for different people.  However, three elements of leadership are universally effective: Grit, Grace, and Gratitude.

Leading with Grit, Grace, and Gratitude creates an atmosphere where people and teams feel re-energized, validated, and appreciated.

Teams who are:


avoid burnout, turnover, and the expensive process of replacing and re-hiring.


enjoy a positive work environment that retains your stars and gets results quicker.


show up in ways you never imagined they could or would.



This wildly participatory program engages the group and solidifies the HOW CAN I? mindset in a fun environment that translates directly to daily challenges with individuals and teams.  

More than just a Juggling Workshop. . .

The tools used look like a circus class, with juggling Balls, rings, Chinese Yo Yo, Flower Sticks, Peacock Feathers, Stilts and more.  The lessons learned will be far greater than keeping three objects in the air or balancing on a board. 

Reduced stress and healthier communication with co-workers produce a more positive work environment that your people are excited to be a part of and continue to participate in.  Improved empathy in customer service will lead to loyal clients who are raving fans.  And so much more!

Give your people (and yourself) Permission to PLAY!


How do you build Teamwork without making it feel like homework?  

According to a famous quote attributed to Plato, you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can in a lifetime of conversation. The Ready, Set, RECESS program rings the recess bell and takes us back to 3rd grade, when our brains were open to possibilities.  

Strategic improv and communication games help participants re-discover lessons learned long ago.  These lessons, when applied today, inspire your team to collaborate and communicate with an open mind. Access exponential potential with the evolution of How Can I? into How Can WE?. 

Ready, Set, RECESS Results in:

–Thinking beyond the obvious possibilities, leading to more creative problem-solving.

–Enhanced connection producing greater workplace cohesion, productivity, and retention.

–Avoiding stagnation and propelling teams and organizations to accomplishment.