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Come off mute, speak up your story, and communicate with power, confidence, and FUN!

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Erik Dominguez is not your typical keynote speaker.

While his academic credentials are unquestionably impressive—a B.A. in English Literature, an M.S. in Instructional Design, a progressing M.S. in Strategic Communication, and a coveted certification as an Advanced Professional Speaking Coach from the National Speech and Debate Association—there’s so much more to Erik than meets the eye.

For a quarter-century, Erik hasn’t merely taught the mechanics of public speaking. He’s delved deeper, mentoring his proteges in the nuanced art of communication. Erik believes in the power of an authentic voice, guiding individuals in honing their unique narratives, and delivering messages that resonate deeply with their audiences.

Erik’s life experiences as an immigrant, caught between two contrasting cultures, has endowed him with profound insights. He’s known the weight of feeling different, the struggle of seeking the right words, and the challenge of blending in. But Erik chose not to fade into the shadows. Instead, he embraced the journey, armed himself with tools and techniques, and emerged as a beacon for many.

He isn’t just a coach; he’s a storyteller, a motivator, a humorist, and above all, an inspirer. Erik’s mission transcends the textbook. He provides genuine guidance, invaluable tools, consistent feedback, and the kind of encouragement that empowers individuals to metamorphose their fears into fuel.

With Erik Dominguez, it’s not just about speaking—it’s about captivating, connecting, and making a lasting impact. Ready for a transformative journey in the realm of communication? Let Erik be your guide!



Recent times have shown that unexpected twists are now the order of the day. As leaders grapple with this reality, many fall prey to anxiety, burnout, and subpar decision-making. But imagine a world where leaders pivot with poise, regardless of the challenge.

Enter Erik Dominguez: your guide to lasting leadership. Through the powerful “Three T’s of Confidence”, Erik transforms not just the leadership skills but the very essence of what it means to lead. By fostering genuine confidence, he prepares leaders to seamlessly navigate change and restore equilibrium in a chaotic world.

Empowering Key Takeaways

  • Master the “Three T’s of Confidence” for an immediate leadership boost.
  • Redefine resilience, turning obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Adopt a revitalizing leadership mindset that galvanizes teams and staves off burnout.

Steer with confidence. Lead with heart. With Erik Dominguez at the helm, watch leadership transform from a challenge to an art!



In today’s dynamic work landscape, many of us feel like we’re on mute, struggling to seize the attention of our prospects. What if the secrets to breaking through this barrier lie in ancient wisdom, modernized for our times?

Enter Erik Dominguez, an expert at blending time-honored rhetorical techniques with today’s cutting-edge strategies. Erik doesn’t just teach; he inspires. By tapping into the essence of genuine connection, he equips leaders and sales pros to revolutionize how they engage with clients, teams, and partners—translating into standout results.

 What’s in Store for Participants? 

  • Dive deep into understanding the barriers in current communication methods.
  • Harness the power of contemporary persuasion tools to captivate your audience.
  • Rediscover and redefine the art of confident connection and communication.

Don’t just communicate. Connect. Thrive. And let Erik Dominguez show you how. Book him for your next keynote and watch your organization’s communication transform! 



We’ve all heard it before: “Your Story Matters!” and “Share Your Story!” But how do you actually leverage the power of storytelling to truly connect and leave a lasting impact?

Dive into a transformative experience with Erik Dominguez, an expert storyteller. Through his exclusive 6S Storytelling Method, Erik doesn’t just teach the art of storytelling; he empowers you to master it. By the end, not only will you be convinced that your story holds immense value, but you’ll also possess the skills to shape and present it for tangible, real-world results.

Join Us and Discover: 

  • The captivating neuroscience behind storytelling: Why does it work?
  • A hands-on guide to mastering the 6S Storytelling Method, ensuring your stories truly resonate.
  • Proven techniques to harness storytelling, unlocking breakthroughs both personally and professionally.

Ready to transform your narrative? Engage. Inspire. Connect. With Erik Dominguez leading the way, witness the transformative power of storytelling!


The Integrity Pathway Transforming Workplaces, Enhancing Lives

In a world where integrity often takes a backseat, its absence is keenly felt across all levels of a workplace – affecting trust, productivity, and personal fulfillment. “The Integrity Pathway” keynote by Erik Dominguez addresses this vital issue, shedding light on how aligning our actions with our values is crucial for a thriving professional environment and a gratifying personal life.

Erik brings a unique combination of humor, sincerity, and insightful storytelling to this topic. Steering clear of overused motivational clichés, he focuses on delivering practical wisdom in an interactive and impactful manner. This approach makes the principles of integrity not just understandable but also relatable and actionable in everyday scenarios.

Through the keynote, attendees are guided to explore the essence of integrity and its profound impact on both personal and professional interactions. Emphasizing the transformative power of truth, responsibility, and effective communication, Erik blends personal anecdotes with brain science and industry-specific examples. This multi-faceted approach ensures a rich and engaging learning experience.

Attendees will depart with a deep appreciation for the role of integrity in their professional and personal spheres and uncover how embracing integrity can lead to enhanced workplace dynamics and personal satisfaction. It’s time to redefine success with integrity at its core.

Key takeaways include:

  • Unveiling Integrity: Discover and address the core elements of integrity, redefining its role in personal and professional realms.
  • Practicing Integrity Principles: Learn and apply fundamental principles of integrity in daily interactions and decision-making for sustained authentic engagement.
  • Cultivating an Integrity Culture: Embrace strategies that promote a culture of honesty and responsibility, strengthening team cohesion and workplace morale.

Speak Up Skills: Speaking Simplified

In a world where only 10% of people feel confident in their communication skills, the need for effective and engaging communication training is more crucial than ever. “Speak Up Skills: Mastering Confident Communication” is Erik Dominguez’s response to this challenge, offering a lively blend of storytelling and practical skills that redefine the art of communication.

Erik’s keynote is far from your typical communication workshop. It’s an energetic fusion of stand-up comedy and practical skills training, designed to transform the way you communicate. With Erik’s engaging, humorous, and highly interactive style, attendees will find themselves immersed in an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is educational. He focuses on what you’re doing right, shifting away from the punitive and dull norms of traditional communication training.

In “Speak Up Skills,” attendees will journey through essential communication components. Erik covers how to effectively organize thoughts for maximum impact in speeches and conversations. He delves into visual delivery skills, emphasizing the power of body language, gestures, and eye contact to project and feel confidence. Vocal delivery is another key focus, where Erik demonstrates how voice modulation and strategic pauses can captivate an audience. Additionally, he shares practical strategies for nerve management, ensuring speakers can handle their jitters and deliver with poise.

By the end of “Speak Up Skills,” participants will walk away not just with newfound skills but with a revitalized approach to communication – one that’s confident, powerful, and joyous. Elevate your communication game and turn every conversation and presentation into an opportunity to connect and inspire.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective Thought Organization: Learn to structure thoughts, arguments, and speeches for the greatest impact.
  • Visual and Vocal Delivery Techniques: Learn the art of non-verbal communication through body language and hand gestures while also learning to project your voice, vary your intonation, and effectively use pauses to captivate and engage your audience.
  • Nerve Management Techniques: Acquire practical methods to manage speaking anxiety and deliver confidently.