“The Midwest Speakers Bureau showcase has been very beneficial in helping preview potential speakers for our annual conference. It saves me time looking for speakers. The showcase gives us the opportunity to hear a 15-20 minute snippet of the speaker’s presentation, as well as being able to meet and talk with them. I found two speakers from the last showcase for this year’s conference. It is an invaluable service for a meeting planner. I would highly recommend this showcase to anyone that is responsible for contracting speakers.”

“I make a point of attending every one of the Midwest Speakers Bureau Showcases as a method of finding new speakers and new topics to bring to my clients in North Central Iowa. At each event I return home with new ideas for my customers. This 200-mile roundtrip is always one of my most valued days.”

“WOW! The Speakers Showcase today was simply outstanding! I will be passing on information to some of our members about the speakers and hope they find it helpful in preparing for their annual meetings. Likewise I’ll be telling my friends that they need to attend the Showcase next time you have it. Very well done!”

“It was indeed a pleasure to attend the Speaker’s Showcase; I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and the opportunity to hear from, mingle with, and evaluate the speakers. It was a great cross section speakers and I was impressed with breadth and depth of the talent.”

“The Speakers Showcase was excellent, as always!!! You do great work.”

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