Charlie Cartwright

Dr. Charlie Cartwright is one of the foremost experts on leadership, employee engagement, and workplace safety in the country.

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  • Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
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Dr. Charlie Cartwright is the Kansas City Region Market Leader at Pioneer iQ. A design & construction consulting firm based in Olathe, KS., whose sole purpose is to bring out the best in leaders, their teams & organizations.

Dr. Charlie is also “The Company Culture Doctor” & creator of the “People Success Formula”. It is the result of a three decades long meta-analysis into what drives employee behavior. His research clearly illuminated the path to unlocking employee potential. “If you want to move mountains, first you must move people. Then those people will move the mountains.” – Dr. Charlie

Before devoting his work full-time to company culture, workplace safety & leadership consulting, Dr. Charlie spent over 20 years of his career working in leadership within Fortune 500 companies. The practical lessons, insights & operational excellence that he gained during this time are priceless.  His wisdom helps business leaders achieve great results by tapping into the inherent greatness of their people.


Safety must come from the heart to be truly effective every second of every day.

This message is not about lighting a fire under people. It is about lighting a fire within them. When we can accomplish this…giving our people a burning passion for safety, that is a flame that will never die!


Understanding this pitfall will improve your safety outcomes across the board!

We’ve all heard them, but maybe we did not recognize them. Phrases like, “I don’t want to., I have to wear this too? I’ve already told them two times…” When this language becomes part of a safety culture, it leads to terrible outcomes. Find out how to create a world-class safety culture instead!


Two different approaches, with different meanings and vastly different outcomes

Steve Jobs put it best when he said, “Management is about convincing people to do things they don’t want to do. Leadership is about inspiring people to accomplish things that they never thought they could.” When we understand the mechanism of inspiration,


A worker has been injured…now what?

I will show you how to take the guess work out of the equation. In addition, you will learn how to put your best work into the equation! You will understand what the best approach to solving workers’ compensation problems truly is. How we treat our workers once they have been injured makes all the difference in the world in the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim.


How we can use our differences to complete us rather than to defeat us.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have become a hot topic in the workplace. It is of critical importance to understand it and take a balanced, thoughtful and respectful approach towards creating it. Otherwise, we run the risk of unintentionally alienating members of our workforce. DE and I is something that we should do for our workforce and not to our workforce.