Kimberly Hodous

“Stay-at-home mom takes a kitchen table hobby and turns it into a 7-figure business – despite being a former high-school history teacher with zero business experience!”

Kim Hodous knows about success. She took a kitchen table hobby and turned it into a seven figure business – despite being a former high-school history teacher with zero business experience. She combines the lessons she learned along the way with cutting edge research to provide a fresh perspective on work and success. Audiences will laugh-out-loud, and sometimes cry, be on thier feet, be on the stage – shoot they even sing at one point! Kim is non-stop interaction & entertainment – yet at the same time she is totally serious about success and achieving more out of life. Kim provides audiences with practical solutions and strategies for success while also sharing an original and inspirational slant on happiness, health and staying motivated so you can live life to the fullest.

To put Kim in a box is impossible. But to try and sum her up, here goes: She inspires thousands of people each year. She speaks for hundreds of organizations & companies annually. She’s spoken to just about every major industry. She is requested by Fortune 100 Companies. She’s nationally known on the topics of motivation, success and getting more of what you want out of life. She’s also a Best-Selling Author, an Award-Winning Business Woman, a Yoga Instructor, the mother of five, and a Sushi Fanatic! People ‘get’ Kim and Kim ‘gets’ people. Bottom line: Get Ready! Kim is a fearless, no-nonsense speaker with a unique perspective and strategies that actually work in the real world.

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