Persuading & Influencing Others: How Do I Get My Point Across?

Have you sometimes gotten feedback that you ramble when you share your thoughts and ideas? Ideas keep coming to you and your brain is like a super-computer. Yet, it seems hard to get your point across.

The key to getting your point across is to be disciplined in your approach and be clear and concise in your communication.

A great technique to get your point across is the SEER method of explanation. Make a statement, provide an explanation, provide an example or two, and review with a restatement of your main point.

  • Make the statement – Clearly state what point you are making…”We are finishing the project 3 days ahead of the deadline.”
  • Then explain by providing an explanation that is simple and straightforward…”Remember the deadline was the end of the month. Will be done the 27th.”
  • Provide examples that illustrate the concept you are describing…”We received the supplies a couple of days earlier than planned, the installation went more smoothly than scheduled, and the pilot was flawless.”
  • Finally a restatement that provides an internal review that will enhance retention and reinforcement of the concept… “So, we will be finishing the project 3 days ahead of the deadline.”

Be clear and concise. Make a statement, explain it, provide examples, and restate the main point. This formula follows our natural train of thought. People will be able to understand efficiently and take action effectively.

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