Why Do Customers Choose to Do Business with You? Customer Service Keynote Speaker Shep Hyken shares the reasons why.

Why do your customers buy from you? Who’s responsible for keeping their loyalty?

Customer service expert Shep Hyken has compiled this list of the top 10 reasons why a customer chooses to do business with a company — and why they stay. 

1.       Price: There’s no doubt that the dollar is a key factor — it’s the primary reason for some. When loyalty is tied to price, customers move easily from one company to another. 


2.       Convenience: When an experience is convenient, people will pay a higher price. Shep Hyken helps you explore key convenience factors that are worth the price.


3.       Customer service: When employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond, customers are loyal to you.


4.       The culture: This is the kind of organization customers want to be affiliated with because your values are compatible with theirs.


5.       A Cause: You believe what they believe. While this ties into culture and values, it’s also about giving back and community involvement.


6.       Trust: Customers trust you because you do what you say, every time.


7.       Reputation: People hear good things from friends, colleagues, or reviews to confirm that yours is a good company.


8.       Consistency: Outside of being dishonest, a lack of consistency quickly erodes trust. Customers expect to use the word “always” to describe their experience with you.


9.       The Way: This is about your process, your policies, the hours you are open, your location, and more. These tangible reasons get a customer in the door; many of the other reasons are why they choose to come back.


10.   The Why: All of these reasons (and more) may contribute to the decision of why a customer chooses one company over another. Shep Hyken will help you determine why customers choose you and why they will keep coming back.

Shep Hyken is available for keynote presentations and workshops on customer service. For more information on his customer service training programs or keynotes, visit https://www.speakernow.com/shep-hyken/

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