As you have probably already realized, I’m a huge fan of Drew McLellan’s blogs especially when he talks about social media.
Why are you blocking social media? by Drew McLellan….

Welcome back for part two of the conversation on the common objections offered up by organizations that are shying away from social media.

We’d have to unblock it (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) and our employees would waste all their time on it.

If your employees want to utilize social media sites, they can do so despite your blocks. Smartphone penetration is estimated to be over 50% before the end of 2011.

Every one of those phones is Internet ready, right out of the box. Most of them come pre-loaded with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at the very least. If your employees want to access any site available on the web, they can do that from their own phone at the click of an app.

Why do we need to use social media? What’s really in it for us?

That’s really the ultimate question, isn’t it? Why should we do this? There are lots of very valid reasons for businesses to be wading into the social media waters. But here’s the biggie:

Because you want customers for life that bring you even more long-term customers.

You don’t want to have to compete on price alone, you want to be perceived as unique and valuable in the marketplace and you want to have better margins. All of those result from having deeper relationships with your customers. The longer a good customer stays, the less they fight you on price, the more they value you and the more they buy from you. They are also your greatest source of new customers. That’s marketing 101. 

Social media takes those marketing 101 truths and amplifies them.

Social media tools allow you to share your expertise, take your rightful place as a community leader, educate, support good causes, invite critique and conversation and ultimately, they allow you to become and stay relevant in the lives of your customers.

And the best part is, your customers are already there. Isn’t it time you join them?

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