When you are responsible for bringing hundreds or thousands of people together for an event, your plate is suddenly overflowing with tasks to coordinate and things to do.  Finding the best motivational speakers or topical experts is just one of the many things you must pull together. Many still ask, “What is a speaker’s bureau and how can they help me?” Think of a speaker’s bureau as your event partner to handle every aspect of finding and bringing in the best keynote speakers and breakout experts that fit your organization’s specific needs.

Here are at least 4 tasks a speakers bureau will help take off your overflowing plate:

A Speaker Matchmaker

Think of a speakers bureau as a matchmaker or talent scout for speakers. A bureau, like Midwest Speakers Bureau, has a network of speaking talent and a lot of experience matching those speakers with opportunities, like your upcoming event. Even when there are two speakers on the same topic, a bureaus job is to know which one would fit best with your audience’s unique needs.

A Negotiating Agent to Save You Money

Some may think that it will cost more to work with a speakers bureau or that they can negotiate a better rate directly with a keynote speaker, the reality is, a good speakers bureau can have more leverage on negotiating a lower speaking fee since they are often booking that speaker for multiple events each year. Whether you are looking for a $20,000 motivational keynote speaker, or 4 topical experts for your breakout speakers, we’ve got you covered. At Midwest Speakers Bureau, we also know the little tidbits of information that may save you money, such as a speaker’s desire to go to a specific location or if they are local to that area and can offer a reduced fee to you. A speakers bureau does not charge you a fee at all to work for you, so you are getting the best services for free.

A Contract and Details Maven

We know all the questions to ask and all the details that need to be ironed out before your event. Will the speaker be helping you with sessions or special meet-and-greets prior to the event? What time do you need the speaker to arrive? What airport or meeting venue will the speakers be arriving at? Will there be special equipment or set up needed? What day and time will there be pre-event calls needed? Have we received the speaker’s headshots and promotional information that you need? We coordinate it all for you.

Your Emergency Backup Planner

What happens if the speaker that you booked is suddenly taken ill or stranded in another city because of travel issues? You can contact your bureau and they’ll find a way to help you out. A good thing to know is that, among speakers, it’s common to step out to help a colleague in need. So, when the feelers go out for a last minute replacement in the area who is familiar with the topic, there is no one better equipped to get that done quickly and with a minimum of fuss than your speakers bureau partner? You’ve got a backup plan in place when you hire them to find you the right speaker for your event.

So as you start filling up that To-Do list with all the tasks involved with your next meeting or event, let us help at least take all the speaker’s tasks off your plate.

Angela Cox and her team at Midwest Speakers Bureau have been serving meeting and event planners since 1998. Contact us today to help with your next event.  http://www.speakernow.com/contact/

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