Starbucks understands brand loyalty. No matter what city you’re in or what country you’re exploring, if you walked into a Starbuck’s anywhere around the world, their latte is consistent.  You get the same latte no matter where you are.

What does your brand communicate? Do your listeners wonder who is going to show up for the meeting, virtual conversation or presentation? To influence others to act on your ideas or recommendations, your brand needs to communicate trust, confidence and credibility.

No matter who interacts with you or which communication medium you’re pushing your message through, your listeners get your brand consistently.  They never need to wonder who is going to show up. Instead, they can rely on learning from someone who is trustworthy, confident and credible.

5 Reasons Why You Should Care

  1. Consistency = trust! Trust decreases when consistency is lacking. (Check out David Horsager’s Tedx video, What’s Trust Got to Do With It?
  2. Teams don’t follow brands that are flawed and unpredictable.
  3. When your listeners know you’re the real deal, they will show up with an open mind and willingness to learn from you even before they enter the room.
  4. Ideas are heard and acted upon.
  5. You can’t afford to not care, especially in today’s world of constant noise and distraction.

Through his recent video, First Impression, Darren Hardy emphasizes the importance of branding consistency.

Take Action

  1. This week before you begin sprinting through your day, put into action Darren Hardy’s recommendations.
  2. Look in the mirror. Do you represent your brand before you walk out the door? If not, make the change needed to be consistent.
  3. Ask yourself what kind of first impression you will make and whether it’s a choice that you can be proud of Monday to Monday.
  4. If not, fix it. Influential communicators are never satisfied with average!
  5. Repeat these steps every time you walk out the front door. They will become habit within the first four weeks of doing them.


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