Waldo Waldman

In his presentations, Waldo shares tactical knowledge on how fighter pilots work together in the heat of battle.

Situational awareness (SA) means having a 360 degree picture of your environment and can increase your ability to adapt to change and improve your chances of success.

Waldo explains that the key to building SA is teamwork, and a critical component of teamwork is understanding one’s roles and responsibilities in every engagement. In combat, the way fighter pilots delineate roles and responsibilities is by having an engaged fighter and a supporting fighter.

The engaged fighter’s job is to take out (i.e. engage) the threat, while the supporting fighter’s job is to support that fighter by building SA, advising on other threats, and even taking over if necessary. The key to this collaborative relationship is staying focused on your responsibilities and staying disciplined in your role. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen!

Waldo relates this concept to our business environment. By understanding who’s engaged and who’s supporting can make a huge difference when it comes to successful execution.

Click here to watch Waldo Waldman’s message on A.C.E. mission: Are You Engaged Or Supporting?


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