Value Added Services Provided by a Speaker
When hiring a speaker, ask the speaker if he/she has any value added services that you can use to help market your event. Here is a list of services that the speaker may be able to provide you with. (By Angela Cox-Weston, Midwest Speakers Bureau)

1)       Ask the speaker to write a letter address to your attendees. In the letter, the speaker can express how excited he/she is to be speaking to their group and highlight several key points that they will talk about in their presentation.
2)       Have the speaker call a few of your key people especially Board members expressing how excited they are. (Crunch for time?  Have the speaker leave a short voice mail for them in the evening.)
3)       Offer a special session before the conference for the attendees that register early.

        For Example:
8:00 a.m. – Invitation Only Backstage Pass– You could win!
When you register by the early bird deadline, your name is entered into a drawing for a “backstage” pass to a continental breakfast with “The Speaker” and a 10-person discussion on the most important business issues of each participant.

4)       Offer an incentive for attendees to register early. You could give the first 20 people to register a copy of the speaker’s book, dvd’s, etc. If the speaker does not have product, see if they do personal coaching. You could give away a free 60 minute coaching session with the speaker.
5)       Conduct an interview with the speaker via Blog Talk Radio or podcast before the event so that the attendees can hear the speaker.
6)       Conduct an interview with the speaker via Blog Talk Radio or podcast after the event to remind them of the speakers key points (Highlight the ROI from attending)
7)       This only works if you have the right phone system. Some systems will allow you to record a voice mail for everyone in the organization. Before or after the event, the speaker could do a series of short 1-2 minute voice mails stressing his/her key points or you can use as a quick motivational pick me up. (If you don’t have the voice mail capabilities, this could be done with and sent out via email)
8)       Have the speaker write articles before and after the event for your blog or newsletters.
9)       Line up radio and newspaper interviews with the speaker.
10)   In addition to having the speaker present a keynote, see if they have workshops available or if they can emcee. Some speakers even offer 5 -10 minute icebreakers that could be done during breaks.
11)   Have the speaker emcee at your trade show

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