Try Doing Less to be more Successful in 2019! By keynote speaker, Jones Loflin

Among your resolutions, goals, changes, or plans for 2019, I’ll bet not one of them is to do less.

Stop and reflect for a moment about what seemed to weigh you down in 2018, and you might begin to find merit in the idea.

Here are some potential ways you might do better by doing less this year:

  • Make fewer transitions in your workday so you can finish tasks you undertake.
  • Schedule fewer meetings — and when you meet, have better agendas, action plans, and accountability.
  • Reduce back-to-back scheduling so you can reflect on the success/challenge of the previous activity and on how to improve in the future.
  • Be less accepting of doing things the way they have always been done and consider ways to be more efficient and/or effective.
  • Do less of the work someone else should be doing.
  • Do fewer email checks and have a plan for managing your in-box.
  • Do fewer administrative tasks when you have lots of mental energy, instead  spending that time to be creative and strategic.
  • Be less available to others so you can better focus on your own work.
  • Do less venting when working with a team member to strengthen your relationship.
  • Have fewer conversations with the “takers” or casual relationships so you can better invest in those most important to you.
  • Enroll your children in fewer activities to help them better excel in the areas most important to them (and you).
  • Spend less time on social media so you can better invest in the relationships immediately around you.

About the Speaker: Jones Loflin is a global keynote speaker on innovative yet practical solutions to help with the struggle of too much to do. He is the author of several books, including Always Growing and the award-winning, Juggling Elephants. Jones is a leader in solutions for individuals, groups, and businesses dealing with lack of engagement, satisfaction and retention and all the tools to support balanced, productive lives. For additional information on Jones Loflin, click here.   

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