I really enjoyed the following entry on Tim Gabrielson’s blog. I think this is so true. Like everyone, I get a ton of emails and voice mails every day. The ones that make me laugh are always the ones that I return first!  Angela
Live, Love, Laugh
In my opinion, a good sense of humor is tied to self-respect and the ability to laugh at oneself. This shows a healthy self esteem as well as an acceptance of who you are. The lack of a sense of humor, therefore, is tied directly to poor self-esteem. It should be no surprise that in addition to good health and mental well-being, humor lends itself to a certain level of popularity. Laughter builds unity and companionship, so it should be no surprise that people flock to those with a strong sense of self as well as those who make them laugh. Sharing a laugh releases the tension of new relationships; giving people something simple, easy and fun to enjoy together. It’s impossible, after all, to feel anxiety and truly laugh at the same time. In fact, it’s impossible to feel angry, depressed, guilty or jealous while having a good belly laugh, too. Try it sometime.
What it all comes down to is an appreciation for the absurdity of life. All things being equal, there just isn’t much that can be done to alleviate the minor traumas and daily difficulties everyone endures. So rather than try; find humor in them. One can’t take things too seriously without it affecting every aspect of life; the same can be said for taking life lightly. Humor enjoins, attracts, relieves and grows. It’s the glue in relationships and the strength in families.

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