Last week I attended a charity event in Lincoln, NE for the local children’s homeless shelter. I have never been to such a well organized and fun evening as these ladies hosted. In addition to the wonderful food, they had purses everywhere for you to bid on. Everyone was having such a great time. At the end of the silent auction, they had a live auction where they auctioned off 7 purses. Humorist Juli Burney ( auctioned off the purses. Around the room, you could hear laughter as everyone laughed with Juli. As they were laughing, they were also bidding. Each one of the purses in the live auction raised over $1,200. Their goal was to top the $80,000 they had raised the year before. Along with Juli’s help, I think they easily accomplished their goal. Congratulations to all of the ladies that participated in the event. It was by far the best charity event I have ever been too.

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