Attention Meeting Planners:
If you are worried about the Swine Flu, Meeting Professionals International has some great resources for more information. Here is the information they have posted on their website
Angela Cox-Weston
H1N1 Swine Influenza Status
Authoritative Information Sources
The rapidly developing global news story concerning the H1N1 Swine Influenza (Swine Flu) outbreak should be monitored closely by all meeting and event professionals. The situation is very fluid at the moment, with new information and facts emerging almost hourly as information gets gathered and analyzed. At this early stage in the outbreak, timely and accurate information is crucial to dealing with the torrent of information that could impact the professional lives and businesses of our members.
The U.S. Travel Association website ( will be a primary news resource in collaboration with MPI and other meeting industry organizations to synthesize relevant information to share across our industry and beyond.
In the meantime, the following links are key sources of up-to-date information for you, your families/friends and your business. We ask that you review it and share accordingly in order to ensure everyone has the most accurate information possible. As new information becomes available, MPI will continue to keep you updated.
* US Travel Association’s Swine Flu talking points
* US Travel Association’s Statement on Swine Flu
* Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention: Swine Flu
* World Health Organization (WHO): Latest updates
* U.S. Government swine flu information: Pandemic Flu

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