Andy Core's book Why don’t I do what I know I should?

According to Andy Core, this is a common question most people ask themselves. It’s often posed by those having difficulty staying      motivated, energized and focused on their priorities. Can you relate? You want to be more productive, more energized, more joyful. You  even know what to do, but you’re too tired, too distracted, too busy or too worried to find the motivation to change your life.

In his new book, Change Your Day, Not Your Life, Core comes to the rescue with his key to life change: You must stay in the day.  Changing a life is too overwhelming. Core asserts that choices for change need to be made daily, behaviors need to be practiced daily  and rewards need to be felt daily to effect true change. If you want to bring about complete work/life integration where you spend your  days living, not struggling in a tug-of-war between work and life, you must stay in the moment

Practical and engaging, Change Your Day, Not Your Life provides a menu of proven strategies. Core offers easy-to-follow instructions for strategies that are successfully used by Thrivers—people who have found the joy of complete work/life integration. DOing First, Big-Box Management, and learning to jettison your junk hours are just a few of the tactics Core combines with exercises, activities and bite-sized tasks to help you start making changes today.

Core teaches how to build patterns into your days by identifying and tying together multiple triggers. For example, if  your morning alarm clock triggers you to get out of bed and lace up your walking shoes and, if the lacing triggers you to head outside for your daily exercise, you are building a pattern that becomes instinctual to you. This behavior gives you confidence, added energy, and sets you up for ongoing positive behaviors throughout your day. These daily patterns, in turn, build positive momentum for life.

Practical and positive, Change Your Day, Not Your Life is for anyone—entrepreneur, corporate leader, employee or homemaker—who desires greater productivity, more energy and deeper satisfaction in life. Putting Core’s strategies into practice will not only change your day—but will, in fact, change your life.

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