Okay, by a show of hands how many of us have made excuses for something that was truly our doing?  Like maybe we were late to work and we said it was because there was a slow driver in front of us. Uh-huh, that’s what I thought.  I am humorist Juli Burney with a moment of clear thinking.  I am truly working hard on “owning” my actions and responses.  It seems that we spend a lot of time blaming others for the problems in our lives and to me that wastes energy.  It is energy that we could put into positive solutions and responses that would move us ahead rather than spinning our wheels and getting caught in a rut. We need to live for today and plan for tomorrow, not brood over yesterday.   Action ownership is not an easy thing to accomplish, but once you start, the feeling is wonderful and you get to own that, too!!  Keep a journal of how well you took ownership of yourself and you can put that in the safety deposit box of life.  Now, that’s something you can bank on!!!

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