Skyrocket Your Attitude and Infuse Your Being with Energy: Live Your Life at the Highest Possible Level as a BLT—a Believable, Likeable and Trusted Person!
I have been intrigued by peak performers all of my life. I have studied them, read about them and interviewed them. I have been intrigued by their ability to live their purpose. I have come to believe that truly magnificent people live the foundational principles of being Believable, Likeable and Trusted. I have written an easy-to-read handbook on this topic.

Several people have told me that they keep it on their desk as a reference for raising children, working with others and maintaining balance in their lives. In a nutshell, here’s what it says:

Being believable is about having your priorities in order—being of sound character first and being competent second. Here’s a cogent story that makes the point: I was up early. I simultaneously opened my email as I sipped my first cup of coffee. I was excited to see an email from an old friend, Dave. I hadn’t heard from him in a while. He updated me in regard to his work and family and signed off. Below his signature was an italicized quote that read—“I do what I say and I say when I don’t.” That short phrase hit me like a lightning bolt because it says it all in terms of believability. Indeed, I will follow through, be accountable and do what I say I will do. Conversely, I will tell you when I “drop the ball.” I will stand before you, apologize and have the character to admit my shortcomings. I could write several more pages on believability, but I won’t. I simply invite you to commit this phrase to memory. It is the essence of being believable. 

Being likeable is about focusing on others first. When you look at another person, imagine they have these four letters tattooed on their forehead—MMFI. These letters stand for Make Me Feel Important. Everyone (even the most shy among us) wants to feel significant and important. No one exudes this attitude better than Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer is a charismatic person. During his years of golfing stardom, hordes of fans followed him around golf tournaments and they were referred to as “Arnie’s Army.” When asked the secret of his magnetism, he replied, “It’s nothing complicated. When I walk into a room, I always think and act this way—It’s not about here I am. It’s about there you are!” Arnold Palmer gets it. He is likeable because he knows how to make others feel important and significant.

Trust is a highly-valued commodity. The word is a critical component of all good, meaningful human relationships. Recently, the word transparent has been used to describe trustworthy leaders and followers. Indeed, I can see through you and know what you are all about. I like this word and I have found a way to “operationalize” it— Imagine that you wear a t-shirt underneath your regular clothes each day. The shirt has four words on it in big, bold letters—“No Secrets, No Surprises.” These four words give you permission to speak and live with integrity, honesty and openness. They will enable you to be a “respectful rebel” and, in turn, a trusted individual—no matter what the situation. 
Every time I see a skyscraper, I don’t immediately think about the magnificent architecture or engineering that went into it. I first think of the transparency among the people that envisioned it, trusted one another and eventually executed the plan. So it is with you—bring trust daily.

I have found no better set of core values than these—being a BLT. It’s my invitation and my request that you will live and teach these principles with your words and deeds.

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