When was the last time you showed someone appreciation? This is humorist Juli Burney with a moment of clear thinking.  I know when we think of appreciation, we think of plaques, certificates, trophies, flowers, symbols of appreciation, but these things are not always necessary.  How about just taking some time to write a note to a fellow co-worker that you appreciate the work they do? Smile and wave thanks to the construction crews for working to make our roads more drivable. There are plenty of opportunities to do it.  Thank the store clerk for being pleasant as she checked you out. Recognize when a family member shares a story from their day.  Acknowledge someone when they do the right thing by apologizing. Thank the security screeners at the airport for keeping you safe. We don’t do it enough and you might be surprised at the response you get.  It’s a warm fuzzy and it will make you feel appreciated right back. I know I’m feeling it.

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