June is National Safety Month. National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate National Safety Month?  Hire Tim Gard. He will entertain and educate your audience on the importance implementing a workplace culture focused on safety.

Tim Gard “Sticky Safety”

Tim Gard created “Sticky Safety.” It’s an uniquely powerful training method that employs the psychology of humor, master storytelling and neuroscience to develop long lasting positive safety behavior changes in participants.

Sticky Safety draws from his own involvement in safety programs throughout his career and observations during safety meetings across a broad spectrum of industries including: construction, seismic exploration, camper assembly line work, digging ditches, welfare fraud investigation and many others. Through his popular and hilarious stress resilience training he has become one of the most popular main stage humorous content speakers on the platform today.

His trainings will never be described as “boring”!  Tim Gard’s work builds and reinforces a safer workplace in which good decisions become “Sticky” for everyone.

Sticky Safety creates immediate positive, constructive responses to potential safety issues by helping participants:

1. Define their own personal “Why” factor putting an end to the idea, “This will never happen to me.”
2. Find out how humor helps make work safety communication positive, non-threatening and “Sticky.”
3. Learn the “Time to Live” concept that enables them to pace themselves not rush into accidents.
4. Discover how great storytelling gives context to statistics so they become meaningful and impactful.
5. Develop their own “Sticky” slogans and safety ideas.
6. How to be “In the now” to build more every day presence and awareness.

Video clip of Tim Gard’s safety presentation:

For more information on Tim Gard, visit Midwest Speakers Bureau’s website by clicking here:   

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