New book release by Marsha Petrie Sue
“The Reactor Factor: How To Handle Difficult Work Situations Without Going Nuclear”
The entitlement attitude in the workplace is killing success and business. Nobody owes anybody anything. This book offers up a guide to make smart moves in tough times.

Anyone can prevent getting sucked into all the ugliness of the workplace and stop the negative spiral. Here are some of the topics:
§  Learn to manage those spoiled brats in the office.
§  Know how to dump entitlement attitudes.
§  Get a grip on office politics, the grapevine, and dress codes.
§  What to do if you’re laid off and need to find a job.
§  Quick tips on dumping the anxiety when you give a presentation.
§  Use social networks to grow your business.
§  Survival tools for the meetings that are time wasters.
§  How obesity affects the job.

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