Never Be Average

By Tim McCormick

During ten seasons as a player in the National Basketball Association, I learned that the letters NBA stand for Never Be Average, which is a mindset that is focused on winning and the power of improvement.  Life in the NBA is extremely competitive and average performance is not tolerated.  Non-productive players are benched and eventually replaced. 
Never Be Average serves as a powerful reminder during these challenging financial times that top producers focus on a game plan for personal and professional growth, regardless of the economic climate.  Adversity will serve as a catalyst for increased effort and improved efficiency. The high achievers will sharpen their skills and the average performers will be eliminated from the market.

The Never Be Average philosophy is also centered on growth.  Big producers keep improving because they identify new and innovative strategies to take their game to a higher level.  They work a little harder and smarter than the competition and they will never stop searching for peak efficiency.  I entered the NBA in 1984 nine picks after Michael Jordan was selected by the Bulls.  His greatest strength was the ability to add new elements to his arsenal each and every year.  As a rookie, Jordan relied heavily on his athleticism.  As a veteran, he had perfected the “basketball basics” and evolved into one of the most fundamentally sound and diverse scorers in NBA history.  He won six NBA championships with his defense and unselfish play.  He was one of the first athletes to hire a conditioning coach to increase his stamina and strength.  Every time the opponent would adjust, Jordan elevated his game and he moved one step closer to being unstoppable. 
The letters NBA represent a standard of excellence.  NBA players are the very best in the world at their profession because they understand that average is the enemy of success.  If you make the commitment to develop a winning game plan that emphasizes an optimistic approach, increased effort, and a re-commitment to fundamental skills, you will Never Be Average.

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