Need ideas on how to scare away a door to door salesman? Just ask Tom Mabe!
Door to Door Salesman Prank
Back when I was still living at home Door to Door salesman were as annoying as telemarketers..  Selling everything from Religion to Lawn Care..

I guess I was around 13 when I got a call from my cousin Johnny who lived 9 house down from us on Summit Rd.  “Tommy, don’t answer the door, some salesmen are headed your way.”  What are they selling? I asked Johnny, Home security systems he said.    I quickly hung up cause I had an idea.

I went to the closet where mom stored all our winter garments…  

As the door to door salesmen were making their way up our walkway my brother and I busted out the front screen door wearing Ski Masks!  I was holding a Crock Pot and he… was holding our cat!  Really?  You stole a cat?!

Two burglars stealing a Crock pot and a family cat..  
Tom Mabe –

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