Did you know fewer than four percent of small businesses have gross annual revenues of over $1 million according to a 2012  BusinessKnowHow.com survey.  Most small businesses start small and stay relatively small.  Yet there are many inspiring entrepreneurial stories of companies that skyrocket from micro-enterprises to wildly successful brands.

What makes the difference?  The mindset of the founder.  Business owners who are thinking small when they launch their companies, typically stay small.  But entrepreneurs who have a big vision from the start of their business, enjoy much greater success.  Breaking out of the “small” mindset is the key to unleashing your potential.

A big vision for your business also helps you make important strategic decisions as your business grows.  You have a better understanding of the pieces you need to build your enterprise.

So if you want to grow your company to millions, define your vision.  Don’t be afraid to think big, and let the world know your intentions.

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