Strong Relationships, Stronger Results
The best way to stretch your event budget is to build long term vendor relationships, and set a plan for a year. If a client tells me “Here’s my budget for these four events,” the client will receive a better deal overall than if each one is bid out individually. Most vendors including hotels, decorators, and caterers will offer volume discounts too. By developing strong working relationships, you’ll see your partners as a “well-oiled machine” – eager to get the job done.

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  1. People might think that now is the time to cut back on meetings, that might be true in part, if your company is hurting, you don’t need to be hauling people to Bora-Bora for hot stone massages.

    But during these economically challenging times, people need to be together more than ever. The best way to quell the angst and to keep people productive is to give them hope for the future.

    The organizations who come out of this on top will be the one who are able to deal with the present while at the same time never losing their faith in the future.

    So serve beans and franks if you must, but don’t cheat your people out of the energy that they derive from being together. Bad economies don’t last forever. If you can create and environment of productivity, trust and hope, it will not only see you through the crisis of today, but you will have a team who is poised to leverage the opportunities of tomorrow.

    Lisa Earle McLeod
    speaker, author, columnist

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