Waldo Waldman has been conducting Crisis Leadership, deep dive interactive masterclasses for companies.  This program is available as a virtual or onsite leadership program for your team.

Known as “The Wingman,” Lt Col Waldo Waldman is a combat decorated fighter pilot, New York Times bestselling author, and executive coach. An expert on change management and resilience, he helps leaders build collaborative cultures of trust and courage in highly competitive, rapidly changing conditions. During his interactive virtual leadership program, Waldo will share combat tested tools and techniques on managing change, performing under pressure, selling with confidence and building trusting relationships to help build courage and focus during challenging times.


Crisis Leadership: How to Lead Remotely in Times of Uncertainty and Fear

Leaders will learn:

• How to leverage one’s mindset to maintain focus amidst uncertainty

• The three steps peak performers take to face adversity with courage

• Tactics to cultivate resilience and confidence to sell under pressure

• How to grow influence and impact with coworkers, clients and partners

For more information on Waldo, go to our website https://speakers.speakernow.com/profile/6542

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