Looking for an Emcee or professional host for your next meeting? Whether it’s for your in-person event or virtual meeting, Jeff Civilico will help pull all together all the elements you need to create an experience that is engaging and impactful.

As a professional host, Jeff helps to eliminate a lot of the worry that goes into planning a smoothly, organized event. As everyone is getting used to virtual meetings, it is going to be bumpy and potentially disjointed. You need someone that can inject a little humor when technical difficulties arise. With Jeff’s background in improv, he can add the right sense of humor at exactly the right time. He is also able to capture their attention! 

Why You Need Jeff Civillico To Be Your Virtual Host

Jeff has A LOT of experience hosting live events.  Why does this matter?   All of the same skills that are required to host live events will be required to host virtual events.  Your host needs to be smart, quick on his or her feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers and programs, and most importantly for the virtual medium— your host must be HIGH ENERGY and ENGAGING.  We all know that it will be much more difficult to command attention through a computer screen.

1)      Jeff has extensive Television and On-Camera experience.

2)      Jeff is tech savvy. 

3)      Jeff has an established production partnership with Truthful Studio in Las Vegas.   He is ready to go NOW for ALL filming or streaming needs you may have: livestream broadcasts / conferences, internal events, external events, panels, interviews, game shows, webcasts, team-building workshops, webinars, etc.

4)      Jeff understands what it means to adapt to new realities, to PIVOT.  Jeff’s signature keynote is literally called “The Power of the Pivot.” 

More about Jeff’s Virtual Hosting: https://www.jeffcivillico.com/virtual-hosting/


Don’t forget about your future LIVE events!

Jeff Civillico Is The PERFECT Choice To Host Your LIVE Corporate Event / Awards Show / Meeting

Jeff Civillico has hosted every type of corporate event there is – general sessions, awards banquets, game. Jeff’s “10,000 hours” of hosting / performing experience has equipped him to handle any situation that may arise at an event. Having someone as experienced and confident as Jeff to run the show is truly priceless.

More on Jeff’s live events as an emcee: https://www.jeffcivillico.com/corporate/host-emcee/

For more on Jeff Civillico, please check out his profile on our website at https://speakers.speakernow.com/profile/10687

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