Turn Off The Bad News

It has been a long couple of weeks and there has been some bad stuff in the news. If you’re feeling down or depressed, turn off the bad news. I’m not saying ignore the news, I’m saying turn it off. If you’ve been glued to the TV or internet for hours in a row hanging on every detail of the tragedy in Boston, there is no wonder you don’t feel good. There are so many other things you could be doing. Why not do something that benefits your health and enhances your life. Take a class and learn something new! Go for a walk in the park or take a bike ride around town. Read a book, make a gourmet meal, spend time in the community, or have a game-night with friends and family. Instead of passively watching and waiting to find out what suspect number 2 will say in an interview without being read his rights, turn off the bad news and do something – do anything. By tuning into the bad news, you’re only giving them the attention they want and letting them win. Do you really think you’ll miss what he is going to say or write anyway?

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