Managing Remote Workers in Challenging Times
By Diane Amundson

As a leader of a team working remotely or virtually, how can you begin to manage during these chaotic

For those of you that have been working remotely, you may find one or two wisdom nuggets here, and
for the rest of you, this information should help get you started:

~ Practice self-care. This means being aware of your own anxiety and how it may be affecting your
workers. Get enough sleep, find a way to exercise and eat well and practice being in the
moment to help you remain calm and focused.
~ Make sure that all your direct reports have up-to-date equipment that works properly and
securely. This includes upgraded Wi-Fi at their homes and safety measurements for securely
exchanging critical customer information.
~ Continue with your meeting structures. If you conducted daily stand up meetings in the office,
have all team members virtually connect first thing in the morning with a 5-10 minute check-in
sharing what everyone is working on to eliminate duplicated efforts and offer help where it is
needed. Continue with your weekly staff meetings and longer strategic discussions via
~ Have a shared document system like Google documents to share all pertinent information
allowing for changes to take place on those documents easily.
~Continue to conduct your one-on-ones with your remote worker and ask if they need more
support or direction on any of their tasks.
~ If remote worker is in a different time zone, change meeting times so remote worker isn't only
one to adjust their schedule.
~Use a deliverable dashboard so everyone can see each other's progress on assigned tasks.
~Create a team charter of when appropriate to email, text and call each other.

About Diane: She has been training, speaking and consulting for over twenty three years in the areas of
leadership, generational diversity, team building, networking, conflict resolution, coaching and strategic
planning. As a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speaker's Association, she ranks in the
top twelve percent of speakers in the United States. 
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