If you are looking for entertainment at your holiday party, check out these entertainers that will be in Iowa during the month of December…

Ron Feingold color

 Ron Feingold is fast becoming a much talked about corporate performer. In one of the most unique shows around, Ron  combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music singing ALL of the back-up and lead vocals HIMSELF! Ron will be in Iowa on  December 2nd.

 To learn more about Ron, click here.




Greg Claassen Greg Claassen can make just about anything talk.and that’s exactly what he’s been doing with his ventriloquist act over the last 30 years.  Greg has established a reputation for unfailing audience rapport. It’s hysterical fun once Greg’s “friends” are unleashed on stage. Greg will be in Iowa on December 11th.

To learn more about Greg, click here.


Josh Casey juggling Josh Casey is a juggler and comedian and for the past 20 years Josh has traveled the country with his interactive comedy and  juggling show, performing for all kinds of events. Josh will be in Iowa on December 20th.

To learn more about Josh, click here.




Jon Stetson high res Jon Stetson is the one entertainer/speaker in America who truly understands the meaning and importance of capturing the  mindshare and heart share of your audience. The Stetson Experience is Intelligent, Interactive, and Fun! Jon will be in Iowa on  December 16th.

To learn more about Jon, click here.

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