By Walter Bond
Did you know that having a good laugh does your body good similar to medicine? I know that it has become real tough out here with gas prices and food prices exploding. I still think we can still laugh. I recently viewed the movie “Shall we Dance” starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. The entire plot of the movie was that the role Richard Gere played was an unhappy suburban person that had come to a point in his life that was unfulfilling and unrewarding. He rode a train to work everyday and began to notice a dance studio. He would see the person played by Jennifer Lopez in the window and was drown to go investigate this dance studio. He eventually became a dance student and found joy and fulfillment by dancing.

Well, I have a challenge for you, today on your way home from work or during your regular stop to your favorite coffee shop, notice people and see if they have a smile on their face. I love to see people that have a demeanor that can change into laughter really easily. Some people require real work just to see a simple smile. Do you know that anti depressants are one of the most frequently written prescriptions today? It would be a whole lot cheaper to find something to simply smile or grin about. Instead of letting life stress us out, we must all find a way to give life a big laugh. Instead of worrying about the kids, our bills, our jobs let’s find a way to find the good in the situation. One philosophy I discovered was “this too shall pass.” just a good laugh once a day has miraculous affects on the human spirit.

There are studies out there that support the claim that laughing a certain amount a day is the equivalent to running a few miles a day and reduces stress. Laughing is one of the healthiest exercises your can engage in, it just does your mind, body and soul some real good. There is humor every where we look, if you can’t find anything external to laugh at, you can always laugh at yourself. I find most of my humor just by laughing at myself, I am committed to excellence and I want the best, but I am never too serious not to laugh at myself. Find joy and laughter everywhere you look, it’s the best medicine you can take. If all else fails, you can laugh as you fill up your tank.

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