Does it feel like your organization has dealing with nonstop change for the past few years. Maybe you’ve made some great decisions. Maybe you’ve a couple of booboos. Do you feel like your losing your confidence in decision-making? You might even feel like you’re being so cautious, like you’re freezing like a deer in the headlights?

Sometimes when we have had a work environment plagued with nonstop change we do become somewhat fatigued with solving problems and making decisions. When we have made some decisions that weren’t the best, we start to play it safe. But, playing it safe leads to paralysis. We lose momentum and we can “freeze like a deer in the headlights

To make sure we don’t lose our nerve in solving problems and making decisions in the workplace, we need to keep reviewing our short-term plans and long-term goals. We need to keep pointing ourselves in the right direction.

Review your organization’s mission statements and value statements to make sure your thoughts and actions are congruent with the organization’s values. Keep an objective decision model close by to make sure you are balancing logic with emotion.

When faced with change, it is natural to become cautious and play it safe. However, change is a full-contact sport; we need to practice on and off the field to sharpen our skills and keep moving forward. Study your industry and take personal responsibility to develop the talents you need to protect your career. 

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