When someone shares his thoughts and feelings with you, how do you respond?  Does your response build enough trust to develop the foundation of a personal or professional relationship?

According to Kit Welchlin, if a person risks being open about his ideas or needs, sharing what he thinks and feels, the key to maintaining the relationship is based on your willingness to respond in a way that ensures him a beneficial consequence. 

This includes:

  • Expressing acceptance whether you agree with him or not.
  • Being supportive about his observations and abilities.
  • Continuing discussions about working together and achieving mutual goals.
  • Expressing empathy which increases trust in the relationship, even when there are unresolved conflicts.

Social skill is the by-product of emotional intelligence. If we are self-aware, self-regulated, motivated, and empathetic, social skill should come naturally.

Social skill is the culmination of the other elements of emotional intelligence. 

Kit Welchlin is available for keynote presentations and workshops on emotional intelligence, social skills, and building trust. His engaging and interactive programs will elevate your team’s emotional intelligence and build their trust factor.

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