Today’s success track is about your “success psychology” and keeping your goals alive.

Here we are, still early in 2015 and yet people are talking about throwing in the towel. Yeah, throwing in the towel and giving up. What? I mean, c’mon, It’s only February.

Last month I was blessed to start the year strong with five corporate events, and I had three people share with me how they were disappointed in what they had accomplished so far in 2015. This led me to think about two specific distinctions that will impact our results in 2015 – our psychology and forgiveness.

First, let’s talk about our psychology. There is a resent movement in “success psychology” and research has determined only 25% of our long-term success in both our professional and personal lives is correlated with our intelligence and technical skills. That’s right, only 25% of our success is connected with our intelligence and technical skills. 75% is dependent on our mindset and how we process events in our lives. That’s exciting to me… that 75% of our success has to do with our mindset and how we process events.

And with that being said, it’s only February, and our New Year, our new adventure, our new journey – is just getting started.

Stay focused on where you want to go, not where you didn’t go.

The second point today is forgiveness. In order for anyone to move past disappointment, they must forgive either themselves or someone else.

For instance, if you didn’t have a great start to your 2015, let it go. Let it go and start over today. Forgive and forget. If someone else dropped the ball, let it go. That’s right, let it go. We cannot reach our highest heights holding on to negative energy, whether it’s from ourselves or from someone else.

So as we move forward this month, let’s take a moment and re-gather our thoughts, our focus and our energy, and let’s hit the re-set button. You can do anything you focus on and put your mind to, we just have to remember to be mindful of our mindset and forgive our disappointments and keep moving forward.

Make this month a productive month… and remember, this is your year to rise above.

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