If you are looking for a Washington update – and what this week’s election results portend for the 2016 campaign for the White House, Katty Kay is the answer. Her charm, humor and insights will win over any audience.

The U.S. political landscape shifted dramatically Tuesday with the Republican Party taking commanding control in the Senate.

KATTY KAY  ( http://www.speakernow.com/espeakers/22293/Katty-Kay.html),   BBC World News America anchor, led her network’s coverage of this game-changing election. The challenge now is to assess what it means to the country – immigration, tax reform, health care reform and the minimum wage debate are just a few of the many issues that need addressing.  Katty Kay is brilliantly suited to speak on the subject of what’s next and to do so from a different perspective.

Here’s a video piece from her BBC broadcast where she’s talking about the election and what’s at stake




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