Katty KayKATTY KAY’s book, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, remains one of the most popular books for women in the workforce.

Building on the success of her earlier book, Womenomics, Katty (and her co-author, Claire Shipman) inspire women to dream big and understand that confidence is actually more important to success than competence.

Here are four great new video clips from Katty’s recent Confidence Code talk.

The Confidence Gap

Confidence – Turning Thoughts into Action

What Matters Most – Confidence or Competence

Confidence is a Choice

Katty just completed a five-part series for the BBC called “What Women Want (in the White House)”.  Since women voters have decided five of the last presidential elections, and will most likely decide the upcoming election, Katty explores what they’re feeling, who they’re supporting and why.

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