I really liked Drew McLellan’s article on subliminal advertising……Thought you might enjoy it too. Angela
Here’s the kind of subliminal advertising I am advocating for. 

When a storeowner makes a customer feel like they’re the most important person in the room, that’s subliminal advertising.  When an on-line help desk staffer takes an extra three minutes to write a personal comment in a “we’ve fixed your problem” e-mail, or when a customer service rep hops in the car to hand deliver a part that a client desperately needs…that’s subliminal advertising.

When a Disney cast member whose job is sweeping up popcorn stops to give a little boy a sticker…that’s subliminal advertising.  When a lube drive-through shop checks a worried woman’s car, makes a minor repair and then refuses to charge her anything…that is subliminal advertising.?

We can consciously deliver our brand through marketing messages, signage, and consistency.  But all of that pales in comparison to creating a customer experience that delights and surprises someone.  By just doing a little something extra.?

That kind of subliminal advertising gets customers to not only buy what you sell but to talk about their buying experience.  That kind of subliminal advertising transcends loyalty and moves to love.

We should all be that kind of advertiser. 
Link to Drew’s page on our website.

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