I enjoyed reading James Lloyd’s tips in his book “Torch Tips for a Luminous Life”.  I thought you might enjoy Torch Tip #11.
Torch Tip #11
Enjoy your work.
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
I once read an article titled, “Top 4 Reasons to Change Jobs”:
1.      You dread going to work.
2.      You live only for the weekends.
3.      You no longer take pride in your work.
4.      You’ve lost your sense of humor.
Not long after reading this, I was invited to speak to a work team of eighty. The director explained to me that they had lost seven employees in the past two weeks. She was concerned, and was hoping I could say something to stop the exodus. You should have seen her face when, instead, I read the article!
She called me three hours later. Frustrated, she told me she had received nine more notices to quit! I explained that these decisions would probably benefit her remaining team, her customers, and perhaps even those who had departed. After some thought, she agreed.
My friend, do you enjoy your work?
Perhaps you feel trapped. It may feel like you don’t have choices, but you do! Take action. See if your company is hiring in another department, or perhaps start looking for a job someplace else.
But please don’t walk around saying, “I want to go home… I don’t want to be here… I’m so glad it’s Friday… The weekend was too short…”

You deserve better. And so do your co-workers.
“At the end of 20 years, you can have 20 years’ experience, or one year’s experience 20 times. It’s your choice.”
     —Richard Gilly Nixon

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