A couple of months ago, I attend a 3 day conference packed full of great keynote speakers and workshop presenters. As soon as one session was over, we were off to the next speaker. I took lots of great notes with the intention of reviewing them once I was back in the office and implementing some of their suggestions. Like many people, once I got back in the office I had to catch up on stuff.  Three months later, I finally open the conference folder and there laid all of my great notes. I stuck it back on my “to do” shelf.  
I love to dissect a speaker’s message and brainstorm ideas on how I can use his/her message to improve my personal life or work. Instead of rushing off to the next workshop, why not build in an extra 20 to 30 minutes for your audience members to reflect on the speaker’s message. You could have your emcee start a conversation at your tables by asking a couple of simple questions:
* Which of the speaker’s messages had the greatest impact on you?
* What are you going to do differently after hearing the message?
By allowing the time for discussion, you will make the keynote more meaningful to your audience and it will resonate longer with them.
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How To Get More From Your Keynote Speaker by Angela Cox-Weston




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