How to break through writer’s block by Drew McLellan

* Start in the middle. Write your intro last, so you’ll know just what you want to emphasize.
* Just write. No matter how rough or bad you think it is. Just get something down on paper. That leads right into tip #3.
* Editing is easier than writing.  Go through your rough copy and circle what you like and keep going. It’s much easier to rewrite than it is to start from scratch.
* Think out loud. Work through your ideas with a co-worker. Words flow easier in conversation. And their feedback might give you a new perspective.
* Do something physical.  Walk or even do jumping jacks at your desk.  But get the blood flowing.

* Stimulate your senses.  Crank up the music, light a scented candle or eat something exotic.   Many people claim that certain soundtracks or types of music can snap them right back to being productive.

* If you can, change venues. Work in the coffee shop, on a park bench or even at the mall.  Break the routine!

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