How comfortable are you in uncomfortable situations in business and life?
By Michael Veltri

How comfortable are you in uncomfortable situations in business and life? 

Michael Veltri shares three simple steps you can practice when you find yourself in a pressure-cooker situation to catch your breath, get re-centered, and ensure you are making the best servant leadership decision possible.

3 Steps to Get Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

Step 1.  BREATHE:  Literally.  Take three (or more) slow, deeeeeep belly breaths.  Often when we are in pressure situations we don’t breathe.  Either we unconsciously hold our breath or take shallow, panic inducing breaths.  Taking three slow, deep belly breaths will increase oxygen, circulation, and blood flow while decreasing stress.  

Step 2.  BASE:  You must remain grounded.  (Not “light” where you can be pushed and pulled in any direction your adversary wants.)  A simple way to maintain your base is to know your “why”.  Focusing on your “why” will help you remain cool, calm, and collected while avoiding getting pulled into meaningless conflict.

Step 3.  BALANCE:  As you are breathing and maintaining your base (focusing on your “why”), it is easy to remain balanced — physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you are balanced in these areas, you can start to see positive ways forward through pressure-cooker situations that you could not see before.  Ways to move, act, speak, and BE that leads to a desired result. 

Try these three steps to grow and develop your servant leadership “muscle” in pressure cooker situations. 

About Michael Veltri: From life or death decisions on the battlefield to the boardroom, Michael Veltri draws on his background as a battle-hardened business executive, decorated U.S. Marine veteran, and 10-year resident of Japan to teach CEOs and senior executives better decision-making skills that deliver stunning results.  His inspiring leadership keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and corporate trainings deliver practical tools that can be used immediately to increase productivity and deliver bottom-line results while creating a culture of servant leadership at every level. 

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