Here’s TRUE story from George Hametis on  “How you need to make things happen in your life!”
My wife, Angela went out of town for her job and left me all alone for three weeks. The good news is that as a thoughtful husband, I have already taken the time to plan for a romantic welcome home for her; a freshly-groomed dog will be the first surprise to greet her at the door as she arrives. Next she will be impressed by an uber-clean home that is swirling with the delicate arromas of her favorite scented candles. Then there will be the pleasant surprise of her favorite homemade meal illuminated by candles centered around a vase filled with her favorite flowers, and next to a bottle of her favorite wine. I will help her carry her luggage into the bedroom and ask her to tell me all about her trip and wait for her reaction when she sees a 5′ x 5′ charcoal mural of me as half-man, half-horse (that’s right, a centaur) above our headboard with her likeness, in charcoal, staring longingly at her half-human, half-steed husband.
And they say romance is dead.
I think we will all be waiting for George’s followup story next week when his wife returns!

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