Marketing lessons from reality TV
We make fun of them, we swear we never watch them….and yet they are everywhere.  

Reality shows. 
They’re both grotesque and fascinating.  They also contain some marketing lessons for us all.
High Emotion/Drama:  There’s not a dull moment on these shows.  They have a wonderful sense of story-telling build up.  The tension mounts and before you know it — someone is taking a swing at someone else or it’s a sob fest.
How about your marketing materials?  Are you telling a story that builds up to a satisfying emotional reaction?  Are you drawing your audience in?
Messy:  There’s nothing pretty or perfect on a reality show.  But then again, life isn’t perfect.  It’s messy.  Especially when you are doing things “live” or on the fly.
Don’t get stuck in perfection.  It’s okay to just get out there and wing it a little.  Maybe it will look a little messy from time to time — but it will also look authentic.
Conflict:  Most reality shows are some sort of contest.  They pit people against each other and that leads to secret alliances, grudge matches and villains.  We need someone to root for.  And against. 
Could you be a hero brand?  Or maybe the rebel brand that breaks from tradition? Get them cheering for you.
Surprise:  They’re always bringing back old contestants or revealing secrets, just to keep the audience on their toes.  Those twists are what everyone is talking about the next day.
Are you remembering to surprise your customers?   That’s a very powerful way to generate word of mouth and stickiness.
Next time you’re feeling a little guilty about watching Dancing with the Stars — have no fear.  You’re just enhancing your marketing knowledge!

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